Friday, June 28, 2013

Been a long but I'm back I hope

Hi folks been a long time since I have been here to post. I have been a busy and or a little depressed and just have not felt like writing anything. And now I see blogger has changed and I am having a hard time finding my way around. But get there. I have found 2 new formats for my selling they may not make me the money I have with EBAY but they are fun and you can make a few bucks with them. The First one is Outbid here is my link there . This is a fun one with a webcam and a mic you get to be the auctioneer. You can have only your items up or if you don't mind paying 5 bucks you can get a group auction going. Some folk here even pool there finds and have prizes and help pay the fees. So it worth looking in to. You will all so get a 5.00 credit for you first perches. It's a great site for handmade and beading supplies. The second one is a live auction all so but you have only the tophatter auctioneer and you comment on items. they only charge if you sell an item. Now you can find lots of items here they have hand made vintage and even geekery items. Here is the link to this one too.